Turn your small or mid-sized space into a professional design studio that delivers big results for your business

Design Studio Express™ is the complete solution for homebuilders who want to get big results from their small space. This cost-effective program engineers proven design studio best practices for 1200-3000 square feet spaces, so you can maximize profitability, enhance your buyer’s experience and stand out from the competition.

High-end expertise at an affordable price

Design Studio Express is the most affordable way to get high returns for your space. You’ll get a strategic spaceplan with proven display methods used by big, world-class design studios – created and engineered just for you. We’ll show you how to increase option sales, best show the products you want to sell and make your homebuyer feel special.

Save the cost of doing it yourself

It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is – creating a design studio is a complex project. Common mistakes will cost you time and money. From the Design Studio 101 Basics (which we wrote the book on) to the finer details that take “adequate” to “best-in-class”, we’ll make sure you get it right. From proper flow, to increasing the perceived value of your products, to focusing attention on top sellers, we’ll set you up to dramatically increase profits.
After creating 150+ unique design studios across the US and
Canada, we know how to avoid costly mistakes and
maximize your opportunity for success.

How It Works

Design Studio Express takes proven display methods from large, world-class design studios and engineers them for space efficiency and quick, affordable construction. The process takes 3-5 weeks, so you can keep business moving.

1. Initial consultation
After reviewing our advance planner, we’ll discuss your needs, goals and dreams for your space.

2. Choose your displays
You’ll work with Jane to choose from a menu of display modules proven to enhance the buyer experience, and sell more options.

3. Fine-tune and optimize
Jane will share guidance on best practices for your space.

4. Receive your spaceplan
You’ll receive a strategic spaceplan and display drawings to be constructed by your fabricator, or one we refer.

“As we embarked on this journey with Success Strategies, our expectations were to have you design a showroom layout and custom displays to maximize revenue and inspire. What we have received thus far has been WAY out of the realm of what I personally expected to receive. Now I understand why there was a wait list.”

Donny Couto, Owner
Couto Homes
Grandbury, TX

“It goes without saying that our design centers have changed how we do business and paid for themselves many times over.  Jane is the best in the business and I hope she can do for you what she does for us!”

John Barnes, President
Chesapeake Homes
Virginia Beach, VA

Get the competitive edge with the #1 Design Studio Expert

Led by Jane Meagher, Success Strategies is the undisputed national design studio expert. By blending retail strategy with consumer psychology, we help homebuilders create strategic environments that maximize ROI of floor space, increase options sales and enhance the customer experience.

Success Strategies has created  150+ unique design studio environments across the US and Canada, and has won 32 National Awards for Best Design Center. We have created custom design studios for some of the biggest and best homebuilders in the industry. Design Studio Express is the only solution that engineers these proven best practices and display methods for small to mid-sized design studio spaces.

Winner of 32 national awards for Best Design Center in the Country
– awarded by NAHB

“The fact that we can professionally show and demonstrate all of the selections that our customers need to make on one space allows us this process to be  quick and fun! What once took weeks and months now takes a couple appointments, even on the most detailed project. One of the many benefits of the design studio is all selections for a home can be made in an area where they can be viewed as a complete package, rather than the snippets you might get if you were running all over town making selections. Now when our client makes a selection it goes up on a display wall with all of their selections so they can see everything in its real environment as the project comes together! Our clients are also benefiting from better pricing, because in paring down the selections to only the best and most appealing we’ve also been able to negotiate better pricing with our vendors. It’s a win-win for our clients; better experience and better pricing! “

John Cook, Owner
Cook Bros. Construction
Louisville, Tennessee

“Jane’s insight regarding the number, type, and price categories for all of our product offerings in our Design Studio was invaluable. They layout she designed for a relatively small space is very functional and flows great.”

Will Edgington
Managing Member, Richfield Homes
Longmont, CO

“I have worked with Jane through different programs, seminars, and now our second design center and find her council priceless. Jane’s guidance has really helped myself to streamline and focus attention on where our future growth should be.“

John Allen, President
Brown Haven Homes
Multiple Locations

“Customers LOVE it!  And off course, I LOVE it!  … everything has really been functioning well.  The flow of the studio has certainly increased efficiency during the appointment. Customers always comment on how spacious it is and how well we have displayed options so that they can get a true feel for what they look like. “

Jenn Chapman, Design Consultant
The Jones Company

Get bigger results from your small to
mid-size space

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“I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and direction in creating our new Design Studio. Your attention to detail and drive for perfection is what has made it fabulous. Our clients’ responses have been amazing! We could have never achieved this level of professionalism and excellence without your help.”

Deric J. Parker, Owner
Bay to Beach Builders, Inc
Greenwood, DE

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