Who’s Hot – Kerry Mulcrone

Not only do women heavily influence the purchase of a home, but they are also the main decision-makers for the personalization (design studio selections) of that home! This great article from Kerry Mulcrone shares some interesting stats and good reminders.

Let’s Go Courting

By Kerry Mulcrone, MIRM, CMP, CSP, Founder of Kerry & Co.

The Radio is on, and the song of the hour is “All the Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. I was pondering what my blog would be this week and that song was my Ah-Ha moment!

The xx Chromosome, She Factor, What Women Want, and Women Centric, are all terms we use in working with the illustrious “She” group. Single women specifically, are an audience we should listen to, as they have become a larger percentage of home purchases than their counterpart…”He” The truth of the matter is “She” is a force to reckon with and notice… consider some very basic statistics;

  1. Good credit history’s
  2. Increased Salaries
  3. Less Women lost their jobs than men in the downturn
  4. Growing Check books
  5. Women influence 2.4 Trillion of the 3 Trillion annual consumer sales
  6. Women headed households is ever increasing
  7. Women account for over 90% of a home buying decision
  8. The “She’s” of today rely on themselves rather than “Mr. Right” & “Prince Charming”

What does this mean? Be aware, be cognizant of what percentage of your sales are influenced by a woman, single or married! I think you will find you need to become attractive in her eyes as a builder. Create the chemistry in your homes that leave a lasting impression on her while she is making the Selection & Elimination decisions!

Start at the Streetscape for curb appeal; be mindful of what is included in your square feet, but also aware of the surrounding area. This self-reliant woman will take everything in to consideration. It isn’t just what’s inside that matter!

If you could read my mind:

  1. I research over 90% of my buying decisions on line, how are the facts & eye candy on your website?
  2. If you can’t answer me, I will go to my Social Networks for the answer
  3. I have a trusted network, respect them also when you meet them
  4. I would like to live by my family, don’t just ask about my work commute
  5. What is the Walkability & Drivability Factor? My home is my Hub to my life!
  6. Talk Safety & Security to me!
  7. What in your home makes my life easier? What is your Convenience Quotient?
  8. If you show me Value and a little Wow, I will say “Let’s keep talking”

The notions that if “She ain’t happy” no one is and that marketing specifically to her is a passing fancy, take note! She and her buying power and decision making are not going away. Neglecting her presence and intuitiveness will be a very costly mistake to you in the future.

Entice her in…Engage yourself with her…Excite her with your features and benefits…and always know thoughtfulness goes a long way with a woman!

Kerry, founder of Kerry & Co. a top award-winning salesperson and VP of Sales & Marketing converted to a New Home Sales Educator, Builder Consultant, Mentor and Speaker.  From the trenches and still personally in the trenches, Kerry is known as the “Presentation Pro” with her patented “Perfect Practice” method of teaching in the most critical areas of the Sales Process.  Go to www.KerryAndCo.com to learn more about Kerry.