Visionary Homes, UTAH

Congratulations to Visionary Homes, winner of the 2021 National Silver Award for Best Design Center in the country.
Kellie McClure, Design Studio Manager says The Design Studio has bolstered our brand as a top builder in the market, elevated our customer experience, and has increased our studio revenue.”

Read Kellie’s full story below:

1. What do you love most ?

When you walk into our design studio you are instantly welcomed in with the beauty and ambience of the space.  The natural light pouring in and the interactive vignettes really help people visualize how their design will look in their home.  Each of the stunning displays are appealing to the eye and provide captivating inspiration for our design-savvy home buyers.

2. What is the impact on your customers and on your business?

The excitement from our homeowners is palpable as they browse the studio.  The ability to see, touch, and feel the offerings at our world-class studio helps clients see the benefits of the variety of levels and colors to select from.  Our business has experienced not only exponential growth, but also a significant increased investment amount from the studio alone.

3. How is the customer experience different now?

Our design studio leads customers through an intentional journey beginning at our welcome lounge.  They love spending time browsing the selections and imagining their dream home coming to life.  We take the guesswork out of designing a home and our customers leave confident in their choices.

4. Has the studio had any unexpected impact?

With the ability to accommodate four concurrent appointments, we have been able to decrease our lead time, enhance the customer journey, and maximize investment.  Once inside the design studio, homebuyers are inspired to model that same design aesthetic in their own home.

We were able to host “Designer Takeover Week” on social media which allowed our Facebook and Instagram engagement to drastically increase and outperform our competitors.  The brand image has been escalated drastically with the completion of the design studio.

We have many upcoming plans to grow our business and give our homebuyers the best experience in the country, and to impact the community at large by hosting special events and more.

It has bolstered our brand as a top builder in the market, elevated our customer experience, and has increased our studio revenue.  We will continue to share this honor for years to come with our customers.

5. What else do you want us to know?

We have learned and grown so much with the careful guidance of Jane Meagher and her team.  We are grateful for the partnerships we have gained through this experience.  The knowledge the Success Strategies team has shared is priceless.


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