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Here’s how our clients describe our Design Studio Consulting,
Design Studio Training, or working with us to create an Award Winning Design Studio:

Your passion for our success is greatly appreciated! It is contagious. The Design Studio has been a game changer to McBride Homes! Both from the Customer Experience and from a profitability standpoint. You and your team are amazing. We would not have been able to pull off anything even close without you. You provide a value with an exponential return on investment. Any company that wants to do a Design Studio must be committed from the top down. It is a huge undertaking. However, you provide all the tools for a company that wants to be successful, to be successful. You get it!!!! Your experience in sales and sales management for builders gives you a great understanding of what builders deal with. You have been there.

You bring a lot of great things to the table, but at the end of the day, you are a process junkie!  That is what has really helped us. The implementation and creation of a Design Studio is a process. Builders need to buy into the process and trust it. They will be successful!!!! You also teach builders the process of running a Design Studio. Builders also have to learn the process, trust the process, and manage the process. They will be successful. Your company is easy to work with. You are very professional. You are organized. And most importantly you are passionate about your customers being successful! You are great at setting the right expectation and then exceed it. Your team of partners and vendors are fantastic. They were all resources that delivered and brought value to the process. You have the expertise and creativity to create a world class design studio. It is truly art! It is not cookie cutter. We have a very unique and first class Design Studio. McBride was just not a client on a project. We feel like we have been brought into the Jane and Success Strategies’ family.  We feel like you are part of the McBride family!  I am a very passionate fan of you and your company.”

nationalawardwinner*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

John Eilermann

Jr, Chairman and CEO, McBride and Son Homes - St. Louis, MO

” CRT’s Builder Design Center as been a huge selling tool for our company and it’s our best business card!  Within 3 months of opening our doors, we had so much new business that we had to turn the Interior Designer’s office into the Manager’s office, This incredible space has given us the opportunity to be the host location for over a dozen parties and events helping to boost our business tremendously. What is most exciting, is seeing everyone’s eyes light up when they walk through the doors. Occasionally, our customer’s will make themselves so comfortable that they often times, do not want to leave. The Design Center has been such an organized and well-functioning space to work in, making the designers’ jobs much better.”

Shay Marlar

Design Studio Manager, CRT Flooring

“Hi, Thanks again for your help throughout the whole process. I am squarely and forever on the “Jane Train” Having just completed work on our new State of the Art Design Studio, I can affirmatively and unequivocally attest to the services of the Success Strategies Team and Jane Meagher. Every detail along the journey, including site selection, layout of the space, displays, product rationalization and much more was professionally and efficiently contemplated, planned and executed.
Jane’s insight to resolve issues that arose during the build out was acutely detailed and appropriate, leading to a finished product that surpassed our expectations.
I cannot say enough about the team at Success Strategies. If you are a builder in today’s market place, you probably have considered the benefits of a Design Studio, and if you decide to create one, Jane Meagher will be a phone call you won’t regret.”


John Peck

Divison Senior VP, Toll Brothers

orleans success“Jane Meagher is truly one of the extraordinary professionals in the home building industry who is exceptional in her knowledge and commitment to her business in design studio expertise. Jane provides great insight into layouts, as well as great product knowledge. There are no surprises due to all the upfront planning and prep work when your design studio is complete. As a businesswoman, she understands the selling process, paperwork flow from design to construction to purchasing to accounting… Jane has the tools and scripts to ensure a considerable (40-70%) increase in option sales. Jane provides you with materials for everything and anything you may or may not be thinking might occur in your design studio …if you allow her to guide you through this experience, you will reap the rewards year after year! As a seasoned VP Marketing for a large builder, I have worked with many vendors and sales reps for all types of marketing resources. Jane Meagher is a leader in her field and one of the most competent women I have met.”
nationalawardwinner*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Linda Kelly

VP Marketing, Orleans Homebuilders - Corporate Office

“We work with a lot of different experts and consultants, and I have to tell you we have never had anyone speak so relevantly to our entire team. I expected that you would bring a ton of great information regarding the Design Gallery and that process (which you did), but your insight into the customer experience was excellent. Looking forward to working with you again.”
nationalawardwinner*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Thomas Coleman

President, Coleman Homes - Boise, ID

“Jane’s ability to rapidly and accurately assess a company’s challenges and provide clear direction for immediate improvement opportunities is uncanny. It’s evident that her years of working with a variety of builders has resulted in an extensive knowledge bank. In just two days she was able to slice and dice conversations, drill down to the most crucial ways to affect improvement, and had us all nodding our heads in agreement. AMAZING.”

Dawn Duhamel

VP of Sales & Marketing, Standard Pacific Homes - Denver, CO

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Jane on our Design Gallery. The result exceeded our expectations!”
nationalawardwinner*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Gregg Goldenberg

CEO, Acadia Homes - Atlanta, GA

Eagle Construction success
“It has truly been an absolute pleasure to have you coach and motivate the Eagle team. I’ve personally been through a lot of different training programs and I believe that your training course has been one of the best – if not, the best – that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience, especially regarding new homes. Since your arrival, our team has felt inspired and more confident about leveraging our Home Gallery as a sales tool. We’ve worked hard to keep up with your practices – the design team chants every morning, we have fun correcting each other when we don’t use the proper Home Gallery terminology and we complement each other on our extraordinary use of adjectives. With your priceless training and your unforgettable hard work on our stunning Home Gallery, you’ve given us the tools to become a better sales team and a better representation of Eagle. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your contributions to Eagle and congratulations on all your success. We cannot wait to see you again for model home training!”
*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio


Josh Goldschmidt

VP of Sales, Marketing & Design, Eagle Construction of VA - Richmond, VA

Quadrant Homes success
“Jane Meagher has been instrumental in helping us through the many details a new brand requires, including the training of our sales and design studio teams and implementing new internal processes for buyer personalization and customization. Jane is truly part of our team here at Quadrant. She has a solid understanding of our new brand and what it takes to sell and market homes accordingly. Jane knows what homebuyers want and need, and has helped us maintain our focus in that regard. Our sales and design studio associates have embraced Jane’s philosophy and we’ve seen a year over year increase in sales, all while maintaining a 98% willingness to refer from our customers.”
*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Erin Fowler

VP Sales & Marketing, Quadrant Homes - Seattle, WA

“We followed Jane’s formula and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Frank Ballif

President, Southern Development Homes - Charlottesville, VA

“Our two day meeting was great. I am excited more than ever now about our design studio because, having spent the last two days together, I can now really see how this will transform our business. I think that our entire staff is energized and realizes what a huge commitment we have made and how it establishes us as a leader in our market. I’m fired up and ready to rock.”

Wolf Korndoerfer

Owner, Korndoerfer Homes - Wisconsin

“The two days flew by and staff couldn’t say enough positive things. In retrospect, we should have found a way or convinced you to stay for the entire week. Your professionalism, attention to detail, ease of working with and ability to spatially prepare our space has resulted in an environment that truly is amazing.”

Josh Bellamy

President, ABG Homes

Our training with Jane exceeded my expectations! Our Design team was thrilled to be trained by somebody that understands the Design process. They felt very comfortable asking questions and they are excited to apply what they’ve learned with our customers. From a management perspective I am also thrilled about the process improvement discussions that we had while Jane was here. We’ve already learned so much and we’re excited to start implementing some of the suggestions and ideas that came from those sessions. Next time Jane visits I’d like to have the sales team join us as well. Thank you for an awesome 2 days of training!!
*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Michele Scott

Director Sales & Marketing, Shea Homes - Charlotte, NC

jane meagher success

“Recently, we had the pleasure to re-connect with Jane Meagher, President of Success Strategies. Jane worked with us at Mattamy Homes as she helped us in the planning stage of building a new Design Centre in Oakville in 2006.

On Jane’s website, you see many wonderful testimonials…. We would also like the opportunity to say “THANKYOU”! The lessons learned and ideas we worked on 9 years ago are very much alive and working at Mattamy Homes today. Jane worked with us on many things including creating front facing displays that inspire homeowners to buy, creating sitelines that interest homeowners throughout their appointment and setting up showrooms that efficiently utilize the space to properly present available options . We incorporated softer, more professional wording as it related to our business to present and sell products more effectively.

The best testament to Jane is that we are back 9 years later with 23 more people involving 13 + Mattamy divisions across Canada and the US.

Our most recent two day session with Jane was action packed with valuable advice, new ideas and discussions. Our team left the meeting totally inspired to think about implementing great strategies for improving our business.

Thank you, Jane, for leading us through an exceptional couple of days!”

Barbara McDowell

Mattamy Homes

“We opened our new Studio on February 14th, 2015. The date is significant because our employees, prospects and homebuyers are in love with our new Design Studio! Working with Success Strategies is not just about building a Design Studio it is about delving into your process, procedures and product mix. Jane asks you to look at your business model , take it apart and then she puts it back together with a more up to date, buyer centric focus. Jane not only uses her expertise from a builder perspective but she also studies consumer purchasing behavior and combines the two to create a beautiful revenue producing studio.”

Liz Friedman

VP of Customer Experience, Beazer Homes

“Dorn Homes has been developing communities throughout Arizona for over 42 years. During that time we have built thousands of units and developed numerous award-winning master planned communities. When considering all of the professionals that have helped us achieve success over these 42 years, I would consider Jane Meagher at the Absolute Pinnacle of this collection of experts. I state this as a homebuilder who is historically very skeptical about the value outside consultants can offer to a specific developer or builder.

Unlike any other consultant or expert we have retained over the years, Jane was able to immediately recognize what was not working in our operation. Without wasting time on formalities or small talk, she jumps in head first, assesses our strengths and weaknesses, and began creating a framework for solutions and improvements. She is that rare breed of professional that business owners yearn for: She is an actual DOER, AND EXECUTOR. Her recommendations and solutions for our company were created specifically for our business, our sales and design team, our model homes, and our design center.. they were not canned or reprocessed from previous clients.

Her style is unique. She can stand in front of a group of our employees, make her excellent recommendations, get the audience to buy into her ideas with enthusiasm, WITHOUT stepping on toes or bruising egos. It is a gift, and she uses it powerfully.

The two days she spent with me and our team were priceless. We covered every category I needed to improve: the appeal of our model homes and sales offices, the model merchandizing, the overall impression of our communities to the public, the sales peoples’ use of language as a way to improve buyers’ impression of our company, our processes and procedures through the entire process map from a customer walking into the sales office to the home starting construction. She spent a great deal of time in our Design Center working with our sales and design coordination staff. By the time she left, we had a complete, specific, affordable, and High Value Plan of Attack to transform the entire Customer Experience from mediocre – to World Class.

I give Jane Meagher and her team my absolute highest recommendation. She will prove invaluable to any developer or builder who wants to radically improve their Design Center (or create one), their models, their processes and procedures, the manner in which their employees treat their customers and the way their company “Wows” their prospects and customers.

Jane’s client list includes the “Best of the Best” of the builders throughout the country. I consider myself and Dorn Homes fortunate that we were able to secure her for a two day session. The impact she had on our company will last for many years and will touch countless clients and employees.

She has taken us to a new level.”

David Grounds

President and CEO, Dorn Homes, Inc - Green Valley, AZ

“When we first began to create a design studio from scratch, we had no idea what an extensive, strategic task we were up against. We quickly turned to other builders for their advice, and every single one said the same thing… Call Jane. They couldn’t have been more right. Jane is an expert in her field; she clearly cares about fulfilling the builder’s objective while fostering the company culture. She embraces a collaborative process, whereby she encourages open discussion, but stays true to her beliefs. Her work ethic is unparalleled, and her energy is unyielding. We are so proud of the space she created with us, and we will always consider her part of our family as a result.”
*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Jamie Hudson

Director of Sales, Schell Brothers - Rhoboth Beach, DE

“Jane I do believe your service is invaluable, your energy, and your attention to detail. I believe your commitment to every project is well worth the time spent. Many people have passion and commitment in their work but Jane you blow that out of the water!

The fact is you deliver the vision even when we aren’t sure what it is. You give everything you have and leave no square inch untouched. Jane your oversight service brings the vision to life, it’s a must! Thank you”
*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Sandy Burke

Design Consultant, Minto Communities - Ontario, Canada

“Once we finished the project we found a number of things happened. We increased our close ratio form 1-5 to 1-4, shortened our project development time by 7 days, had an increased perception from our customers about our quality level, and went from a 2.5 month construction backlog to a 6.1 month backlog. That is causing new problems like how do we ramp up production and how do we hire and train new sales people, but those are good problems to have.”
*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Ty Melton

President, Melton Construction Remodeler - Boulder, CO

“Now, during construction, Jane has been a great resource for us. She is always willing to look at a photo of your space, answer any questions you may have, and steer you in the right direction if you venture off course. Jane has what seems to be an endless photo gallery of display options and ideas, and she is always excited about sharing each and every one of them with you. You are sure to find inspiration for your own Studio Furthermore, Jane is especially helpful with ensuring that your own twists and ideas are incorporated so that the end product is unique and custom designed to your needs.

I am confident that our studio would not be of the same caliber and quality without the professionalism and expertise of Jane Meagher. It was a pleasure and honor working with Jane, as her insight into the new home sales and option selection process is invaluable.”
*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Carley Campbell

Décor Manager, Starward Homes - Ontario, Canada

“Honestly, it is difficult to pick out ONE thing that is best. I believe the synergy of doing it all and following all your advice in a multi-prong strategy to improve the entire selections process is what improves it both in terms of happier buyers and increased profitability. Just hire Jane and do it all. While we are pleased with the 92% increase in option sales which have resulted from our new Design Studio and implementing recommendations from Success Strategies, we are even happier about the smooth selection process that has resulted for our buyers. We are offering more options at higher margins, but have shortened the time buyers need to make selections, clarified their choices better, and have fewer mistakes in the field!Everyone’s a winner! Jane took the raw space available and designed the studio layout complete with vignettes, display and work space. … Her creativity and insight showed us how to incorporate adjoining underutilized space into the design studio literally doubling the size of the studio and revenue generating floor space. … We have received repeated comments from vendors and other builders that our design studio is easily the best in the state. We couldn’t be more pleased with how the studio has turned out! Jane has also provided a procedures manual and consulting to help improve our policies and procedures.”


“Jane, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the training you provided to our design studio consultant earlier this year. As you know Sara had been doing a decent job for several months based on the limited training we provided of the processes and systems you helped us set up earlier. However, following your training there was a complete transformation in Sara, her approach, and her ability to handle buyers effectively within the parameters and guidelines that management has set. If you ever have clients that are considering remote training, I think you can confidently tell them that the training you provide, both the content and and spirit of the message you share, (along with your excitement and enthusiasm) can be accomplished via web based training…worked wonderfully for us with fantastic results.

Of course, in person is always the best, but the value you were able to provide by saving travel expenses was phenomenal. And an added benefit was the ability to break up the training so Sara could work on “homework” in between training sessions, which couldn’t be done otherwise.

So, again thank you. It made a huge difference for us, and I am sure it could work well for others too!”


Ron McArthur

Owner, McArthur Homes - Salt Lake City, UT

“I can tell you quickly that I was a doubter of whether we needed Jane for our Design Center, and now having the benefit of our time with Jane I can tell you without a doubt that this was a must. There is no way that we would have come up with 1/3 of the ideas that Jane did……..all to the better.”

Bob Brown

President, RGB Custom Builders - East Stroudsburg, PA

“In my 30 years in the homebuilding business I have worked with many consultants yet I can honestly say than none seemed to know their field of expertise better than you know yours. Needless to say I am very impressed with not only you, but each of your staff members that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Thank you for what you have, and will be doing for us.

I seldom have the opportunity to work with someone as knowledgeable in their field as you. Your grasp of the homebuilding business and the sales opportunity is very impressive. Not only are you going to provide us with our prototype, but I believe we all picked up tips from you on how to better utilize our design studios to increase home sales along with increased revenues from option sales.”

David Tucker

Division President NC/VA, America's Homeplace, Inc - Statesville, NC

“Your ‘Opt4Excellence’ program was one of the best organized and executed presentations we have had from any consultant. We came away from your presentation with two important and critical tools: A comprehensive action list and a customized policies and procedures manual. … Thanks again for your inspiration and enthusiasm!”

Lloyd Poe

Owner, Lifestyle Builders & Developers - Richmond, VA

“Jane is among my cadre of experts because she runs with the best of them. She brings more than two decades of extraordinary experience from all facets of new home sales and marketing disciplines to the now all important arena of design studio operations and enhanced buyer selection processes. Her expertise in creating a seamless and positive home buyer experience is unparalleled.

She utilizes her business savvy to help builders focus not only on making sales, but making money. That’s why I’ve chosen her as an integral voice in our Serious Sales, Marketing & Profit Management programs.”

Bob Schultz

Founder & President, Bob Schultz and The New Home Sales Specialists - Boca Raton, FL

“Thank you for being a part of the 1st Centex Homes [National] Design Conference. You were instrumental in making it a great success. …We have also implemented many of your suggestions with regards to process improvement, which has helped us become internally more efficient. Bottom Line: you helped me improve on the process, experience, and help better manage the customer’s expectations. Kudos to you, your team and your program!”

Kellee Hansen

Design Studio Manager, Centex Homes - Las Vegas, NV

“Without Jane’s professional assistance our design center would not be what it has become…a world class showcase and retail environment. From assistance in the design stage, merchandising, systems/process and procedures as well as attention to detail, you are absolutely the best. As a consultant we recognize that it was not easy for you to absorb our culture, interpret goals and objectives and then help us execute in such a way as to attain those goals and objectives allowing us to have a world class design studio and create an unparalleled customer experience. Your professional guidance and influence no doubt was a key if not the key ingredient in clearly creating just that…a world class Home Creation Studio! Additionally, your attitude and enthusiasm made the process fun, fresh and invigorating – another must for anyone tackling a culture-changing project like this.”
*Winner of National Award for Best Design Studio

Robert F. Sorensen

President-Lakeshore, Eastbrook Homes - Grand Rapids, MI

“I was able to unapologetically explain to a customer during a plans meeting on Friday, why simply moving a wall over would have a cost associated with it…and she was fine with it! Shocker! It really is all in how you phrase it, isn’t it?”

Janet Hart

Design Consultant, Main Street Homes - Midlothian, VA

“We have incorporated our design center into the process of selling our homes and more importantly into the experience of designing, purchasing and building a home with @home Builders that I truly believe is a huge differentiator for @home in the marketplace. Our buyers truly have the ability to personalize their home around their taste and their lifestyle and gain the added confidence of working with our in house designer to guide them along the way. They are able to do all of that within the fabulous environment of our design center where they can mix and match from a large variety of choice and style that helps them visualize the finished product. At the same time, the design center has allowed us to control the universe of choice our buyers are being offered and with the help of our designer, we are also controlling the process and making it happen in a much more efficient manner.A WIN WIN for both parties.”

David Riedman

President, @ Home Builders - Victor, NY

“It is going very well. The design studio has been a great help to our customers. Even our most apprehensive customers leave the selection process feeling confident and excited about their new home. We’re selling a lot more personalization which has resulted in more “additional” investments. I love coming to work!”

Christina Haag

Design Professional, @ Home Builders - Victor, NY

“To put it succinctly, the benefits we’ve received from implementing the program are as follows:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction through decreased promises/expectation issues
  • Increased Salesperson knowledge – many didn’t realize all that was involved when an option was offered
  • Decreased costs/time – Time and money spent in the past to either track down information OR re-work incorrect options (or expectations) decreased
  • Capture of lost revenue – the Program forces you to really think through an option-and, as a team, you think of things that get missed individually. It helps you remember to add cost items easily overlooked and price accordingly.”
Bradley Haubert

Haubert Homes - Camp Hill, PA

“I employed the services of Jane Meagher and Success Strategies earlier this year to generate some new exciting ideas for my remodeling showroom and to develop a strong, customer-oriented culture for my staff. …She provided valuable tools for improving both individual and team performance related to our specific market demographic, community trends, client base and consumer targets. Her professional and motivated approach to shifting the focus in my office resulted in an immediate elevation in the creativity and implementation of customer experience initiatives and policies.”

*Winner of Remodeling Magazine’s Big 50 Award

Anthony Cammallere

President, T and K Contractors - Freehold, NJ

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