Presented by Jane Meagher, President of Success Strategies and
Dawn Duhamel, VP of Business Development for Possibilities for Design

Jane and Dawn were excited to share their annual Design and Product Trends presentation with the public this year.  Watch the replay below to learn about brand new 2021 products from the industry’s leading suppliers as well as products that are top sellers right now!

We hope the 2021 Design and Product Trends Presentation was helpful. Another great way to connect with us is through our revolutionary DC PRO Design Consultant Training and Certification program.  It is online and on-demand, and we launched it in 2021 as part of The National Design Studio Institute , our new educational arm.  We invite you to join the hundreds of Design Consultants who are already accessing the techniques required to effectively present the amazing products we discussed in today’s program, handle even the most-challenging customer situations, and raise the bar on the quality of the customer experience and on option sales as well.

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