DC PRO and Managing Excellence have closed for enrollment.

We invite you to add your name to the VIP Waitlist below to be notified of the next enrollment period in 2021.

And thank you to everyone who enrolled. We are overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and excited to support your journey toward excellence.

The gold-standard online training program & world-first certification exclusively for Design Studio Consultants, and their Managers will reopen in 2021.

Enrollment entitles you to 1 year of on-demand, online access to this revolutionary and comprehensive learning system.

Master the art & science of delivering a premium design studio experience and coach your customers to yes

It’s time to step into your role as a
Certified Design Consultant PRO.

Brought to you by Success Strategies & The National Design Studio Institute


If you’re ready to:

  • Learn cutting-edge strategies to connect meaningfully with buyers, build desire and uncover the true motivators behind customers’ buying decisions—developed specifically for the design studio environment
  • Take back control of the personalization process, lead appointments with confidence, and position yourself as a trusted expert and authority
  • Overcome even the trickiest objections and navigate difficult situations in the design studio with finesse (and even prevent problems before they arise)
  • Facilitate faster, more confident selections, while setting strong expectations and boundaries that increase customer happiness and save you hours of wasted time
  • Become an indispensable asset that drives thousands of dollars (or more!) in additional revenue with each new home… on deadline, and with better satisfaction scores than ever before

More than a year in the making, Design Consultant PRO gives you a comprehensive, state of the art, on-demand, and instantly actionable approach to streamline your appointments, delight your customers, and re-imagine what’s possible for your design studio profits.

You’ll build the confidence and know-how required to effortlessly lead and influence customers through every stage of the design studio journey — from first contact through to finalization, celebration and beyond.

Put simply, You’re in control now.

Lead appointments with expert confidence

Deliver the ultimate customer experience

Elevate your design studio profits from 

good… to exceptional


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