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And thank you to everyone who enrolled. We are overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and excited to support your journey toward excellence.

Because you are
so much more than
an order taker.

  • Lead appointments with expert confidence

  • Deliver the ultimate customer experience

  • Elevate your design studio profits from good…

The gold-standard training program & world-first certification
exclusively for Design Studio Consultants is available now!

Your customers just made the
biggest financial decision of their lives.

And by the time they step inside your design studio…

They’re already overwhelmed by a world of choice
(and their expectations are astronomical).

YOUR challenge

  • Memorizing hundreds of facts about every finish, feature and fixture in your studio… and presenting them to customers in a way that entices and inspires action.

  • Balancing your desire to serve customers with meeting your internal requirements like deadlines, paperwork, sales targets and more...

  • Handling unreasonable customer demands and customization requests (or bending over backwards to make it work)… and dealing with people who don’t like hearing “no”.


  • Making dozens — if not hundreds — of decisions about every corner of their home: from flooring to light fixtures and everything in between.

  • Balancing their budget with their desires (including that apron-front farmhouse sink they’ve had on their Pinterest board for the last 3 years).

  • Achieving clarity and finalizing those decisions FAST — in as little as one or just a small handful of appointments.

In a deadline-driven environment where company goals
and customer desires seem hard to match…

It’s up to you to bridge the gap.

The average design studio appointment is a whirlwind of information, difficult decisions and challenging conversations…

And in a world where:

  • Customers expect more than ever before
  • Timelines are tighter than they’ve ever been
  • Your to-do list is getting bigger by the minute

What does it really take to:


Become skilled in uncovering customers’ unspoken desires, and how to introduce premium options that better serve their needs and your company’s goals.


Be the trustworthy authority who leads the way — even when faced with challenging personalities, tricky objections and budget-conscious buyers.


Create a world-class design studio experience that turns buyers into confident decision-makers. Minimize overwhelm, slay indecisiveness, and cut down last-minute change requests.


Like end-of-year reviews that show design studio profits are on the rise, efficiency is up, and you’re hitting your deadlines on time, every time. You’re on top of your workload now, instead of the other way around.

It all boils down to one simple truth….

Order-takers settle for average.

(And their customer happiness, stress-levels and design studio profits take the hit.)

But a Design Consultant PRO is
nothing less than exceptional.

“From both the customer experience and profitability standpoint, working with Jane has been a game changer. The Design Studio is a huge part of our success”

– John Eilermann Jr., CEO, McBride Homes

“Our team has been loving the DC PRO course and has meetings every Monday morning to go over the lesson and what to implement from it. So thank you for creating such a wonderful and helpful tool.”

– Jamie Margherio, Design Studio Manager, McBride Homes

Design Consultants, it’s time for a new definition
(and a much more exciting job description).

If you still believe a design consultant’s primary job is to check-off cabinet and tile selections after the house is sold…

Think again.

The new breed of consultants are knowledgeable design experts, with a proven process for building rapport and uncovering the buyer motivations that matter.

We call them Design Consultant PROs

Critical to customer satisfaction, essential to the bottom line, and the hub through which all departments connect.

The Design Consultant PRO understands that:

  • They are not powerless order-takers (or pushy sales people). They wield influence with honesty, integrity and care.

  • They only have a finite amount of time to nail each appointment—so they have a systematic, streamlined process to stay on track and lead every step of the way.

  • Customers might think they know what they want, but true customer satisfaction comes from knowing how to uncover the real motivators and desires that inform every buyer decision.

The question is:

Are you reacting to customer demands
or influencing desire instead?

When Design Consultant PROs choose influence
over order-taking, here is what’s possible:

Thousands of dollars of high-margin option sales on every home (even with budget-conscious buyers)

A solid process for leading appointments that creates more space to connect with customers, uncover desire and build value

Confident communication that prevents customer headaches and messy misunderstandings before they can happen

“Success Strategies has always provided world class design gallery training and best practices and NOW with DC PRO we can have Jane come to us virtually.  How exciting and thrilled I was to be an advance tester for the new certification program.  The amount of detail and information is spot on and you can learn/practice as a team to see immediate results. I am eager for our team to become DC PROs and provide our new home buyers with a “World Class Design Gallery Experience “”

– Karen Shelly, Design Studio Manager, HHHunt Homes

Design Consultant PROs recognize that
discerning homebuyers crave a new level of service.

They want expertise over order taking, and insight over pushiness.

Are you equipped to deliver it?

If your answer wasn’t a confident “yes“, we have an invitation to you…

Master the art & science of delivering a premium, streamlined and highly profitable design studio experience…

And step into your role as a certified
Design Consultant PRO

Brought to you by Success Strategies & The National Design Studio Institute

If you’re ready to:

  • Learn cutting-edge strategies to deeply connect with buyers, create desire, and tap into hot buttons that motivate buying decisions—developed specifically for the design studio environment

  • Take control of the personalization process, lead appointments with confidence, and position yourself as a trusted expert and authority

  • Overcome even the trickiest objections and navigate difficult situations with finesse (and even prevent problems before they arise!)

  • Facilitate faster, more confident selections, while setting strong expectations and boundaries that increase customer happiness and save you hours of wasted time

  • Become an indispensable asset who has the skill set to drive thousands of dollars (or more) in additional revenue with each new home, on deadline, and with better satisfaction scores than ever before

Add your name to the DC PRO Waitlist to receive advance notification of the 2021 Enrollment Period.  When you enroll during the Enrollment Period, you’ll receive one year of on-demand access and join hundreds of others Design Consultants who have already started their journey toward the next level of excellence.

Lead appointments with expert confidence

Deliver the ultimate customer experience

Elevate your design studio profits from 

good… to exceptional


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