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Bottom Line?

The average design studio appointment is a
whirlwind of information, difficult decisions
and challenging conversations…

Meanwhile, disrupted processes, price increases and supply challenges
are putting more pressure on your team, making it harder than ever to:

    Whether in person, via Zoom meetings, or a blend of both, the ability to build trust and rapport with customers in any setting is essential in 2021 and beyond. Your ability to lead customers through change is either your greatest asset… or a liability.
    Be the trustworthy authority who leads the way — even when faced with challenging personalities, tricky objections and budget-conscious buyers who are going through difficult times.
    Create a world-class design studio experience that leaves customers feeling deeply satisfied, even in the face of unexpected circumstances and constant change that alters how they think the design experience should work.
    Like making sure that your company is capturing ALL of the high-margin option dollars it needs to counterbalance rising and unpredictable building costs.  And like delivering a design studio experience that not only aligns with your brand, but is powerful enough to be leveraged as a compelling reason to buy a home from your company.

The answer is DC PRO.

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Master the art & science of delivering a premium, streamlined and highly profitable design studio experience that cuts down on wasted time and unnecessary stress in 2021 and beyond…

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Design Consultant PRO

Brought to you by Success Strategies & The National Design Studio Institute

This is the only place you’ll master The DC PRO Approach to:

  • Connect meaningfully with buyers, create desire and tap into hot buttons that motivate buying decisions—developed specifically for the evolving design studio environment.

  • Take back control of the personalization process, lead appointments with confidence, and position yourself as a trusted expert and authority in the face of fast-paced (and unexpected) change.

  • Overcome even the trickiest objections and navigate difficult situations with finesse (and even prevent problems before they arise!)

  • Facilitate faster, more confident selections, while setting strong expectations and boundaries that increase customer happiness and save you hours of wasted time.

  • Become an indispensable asset who has the skill set to drive thousands of dollars (or more) in additional revenue with each new home, and with better satisfaction scores than ever before.

You are invited to claim your place in the world’s first-ever online training and certification program developed specifically to cater to the unique needs of Design Studio Consultants and their managers.

Hundreds of Design Studio Consultants and Managers already agree:

The DC PRO Approach is more applicable than ever to the challenges you’re facing today. With this comprehensive, in-depth and instantly actionable approach to streamline your appointments, you’ll delight your customers (no matter the circumstance or setting) and re-imagine what’s possible for your design studio profits.

You’ll build the confidence and know-how required to effortlessly lead and influence customers through every stage of the design studio journey — from first contact through to finalization, celebration and beyond.

Put simply: you’re in control now.

Lead appointments with expert confidence:
in-person, virtually or both.

Leave customers feeling served and satisfied
(even when things don’t go according to plan).

Capture additional high-profit option sales on every home.

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