Who’s Hot – Ruthanne Hanlon

In this issue, National Color and Design Consultant expert, Ruthanne Hanlon, shares why color is back in a BIG way, and five super-exciting new Color Minded trend palettes for 2013-2014. Ruthanne always has amazing insight into everything about color and you’ll love reading about these color forecasts. This article shares some of the color palettes that Ruthanne and I presented in February as part of two different seminars we taught on color and design trends at the International Builders’ Show in Vegas. Be sure to click on the link at the end of the article to learn more about each of the phenomenal palettes and see them in action!!! Have fun!


Ruthanne Hanlon
National Color and Design Consultant
PPG Architectural Coatings

Ruthanne has been in the field of design since graduating in 1994 from FIDR accredited Villa Maria College located in upstate NY. Her career includes experience in kitchen and bath design, custom furnishings and space planning. Ruthanne has focused specifically on color specifications since 2000 as a representative of PPG Architectural Coatings and has consulted on commercial and residential projects along with residential repaints and historic restorations using the powerful influence color has in transforming a space, creating an atmosphere and providing the personalization and character everyone strives for.
Ruthanne travels North America speaking to groups of design professionals and students on forecasted color trends as well as homeowners and HOAs to offer expert advice on choosing color and utilizing it with ease and confidence in your home. In addition, Ruthanne consults with new home builders, home owner associations and property management companies to create customized color palettes for projects ranging from model homes and clubhouses to planned communities and neighborhoods.

Teal and Fuchsia FORECASTED for Home Décor in 2013-2014

Bright colors such as fuchsia and sea foam are the energetic bolt between dramatic black and feminine pale pink, blue and gray neutrals in the Elusion palette.

Bright colors such as fuchsia and sea foam are the energetic bolt between dramatic black and feminine pale pink, blue and gray neutrals in the Elusion palette.


Elusion: dark and delicate combine to be Fantastical and Enchanting.


PITTSBURGH (September 24, 2012) /PRNewswire/ — Color isn’t just back—it’s back in a big way and here to stay, according to the color forecast for home décor in 2013-2014 from the PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS® brand. Homeowners have come to appreciate the newfound infusion of vibrant hues into all aspects of modern society. Once hesitant, they’ve become more comfortable with powerful color, and they’re showing their creativity by embracing deep, dramatic teals such as French Riviera and sharp, playful fuchsias such as Rose Marquis in their homes. These are just two of the 25 lively key colors presented in Color Minded, the 2013-2014 trends for THE VOICE OF COLOR® program..
“We are living at a time when an unprecedented platform for self-expression exists due to the constant transformation of technology and ever-growing connectivity and communication,” said Dee Schlotter, brand manager, The Voice of Color, program of the PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand. “Consumers are articulating their creativity like never before. Fresh, bold color has permeated our daily lives, becoming an increasingly dramatic character in home décor and overall design. Homeowners who were once leery of color are now embracing it with open arms and a brand-new level of sophistication.”

The influence of new technologies and a society propelled by ideals at an ever-evolving pace are driving color-packed palettes for 2013. With such an abundance of bold colors, the method for integrating color and lifestyle will vary from person-to-person—and that will make all the difference in interpretation, according to Schlotter. For some, the urge to retreat to life’s fundamental basics will yield simple yet adaptable, thoughtful application of home design elements. For others, self-manifestation will be embellished by loud, unexpected design sensibility as fashionable, futuristic technology takes center stage. Overall, sleek and chic is in, but only when paired with a friendly, inviting atmosphere.

“Everything is more sophisticated and multimodal in its design today—from our smartphones to the cars we drive and the clothes we wear,” Schlotter added. “This sophistication translates to home décor, as we’re now building increasingly complex décor designs with profound depth.”

The key trend colors for the PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand are presented in signature five-color palette cards that offer color opportunities for all design elements in a space, from paint and window treatments to flooring and fabric. “A trend is never about just one color. It’s about the combination of all the colors in a particular space,” Schlotter noted.

The five new Color Minded trend palettes in The Voice of Color program for 2013-2014 are Everyday Hero (Thoughtful and Versatile), Elusion (Fantastical and Enchanting), Artful Expression (Eclectic and Vibrant), Discreet Luxury (Contemporary and Classic), and Modern Is Tech (Streamlined and Calculated). For more information and to see these exciting palettes in action, visit: http://www.multivu.com/mnr/58020-ppg-pittsburgh-paints-the-voice-of-color-teal-and-fuchsia-for-home-decor.