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Mollie Elkman is President of Group Two, the most recognized and sought out homebuilder advertising agency in the United States.






Mollie Elkman
Group Two Advertising

Marketing for Homebuilders

who2A lot of builders think that their marketing needs to tell everything about their company. The price, the product, the location, what makes them different, every listing, every phone number, every sales person’s name, and on and on and on.

The truth is… your marketing doesn’t need to do that. The job of your marketing is NOT to sell homes.

who3I understand that for all builders, selling homes and increasing profits is your ultimate goal. In order to achieve that goal, however, there are various steps that need to happen. When someone sees an ad or a billboard about your company, the next step in the process is not to buy right then and there. The next step is to get them to call, visit your website, or come into a sales office.

That means that all of your marketing pieces need to have one very clear and very specific message that will generate action from your prospects. In order to determine that message, you need to really know and understand what motivates your buyers.

You need to constantly ask yourself… what is that one message that will generate the immediate next step in the process for our prospects?

Of course for every builder the call to action is going to be different. Here are three builders marketing samples that demonstrate a clear message to prospects

Remember… before someone can buy, they need to walk in the door.

1.) Dessert View Homes is the leading builder in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM. Their primary buyer demographic is first time buyers and first time move up Hispanic families. Our creative approach is to appeal to the emotional side of buyers. Make the very first impression a visual experience they can relate to, where they can picture themselves and their families living their lives. By utilizing the 4 window panels that are also featured in their logo, we show a combination of lifestyle and product in a way that prospects can relate to. The headline pulls it all together with, “Desert View homes hold more than resale value.”

2.) Snyder Homes is a builder in Vermont.  They have a very unique neighborhood, with one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. This market is very lifestyle driven with close proximity to the mountains, which offers an array of outdoor activities. Our creative approach is to appeal to the lifestyle desires of prospects through beautiful images of the local views. We then partner those images with product images, and tie it all together with the headline, “Amazing views…Inside & Out!”

3.) Stateson Homes, a fairly new builder in Virginia, is growing quickly and is positioned for continued rapid growth. As their reputation builds in their market, we have a rare opportunity to brand them with a completely clean slate. After many conversations, one key word was reiterated in all aspects of their process… details. Our creative approach with this builder is to emphasize that key word in the marketing as the true differentiator between Stateson Homes and all other builders. Aligning our headline, “It’s all about the details” with a great exterior shot, says it all.