For previous or current Success Strategies clients only.

Ready to Power Up with an on-site power-packed session?
Plug in and Power Up by accessing Jane’s national expertise, proven strategies, and strong track record of success.

Create your own two-day agenda.

Typical two-day on-site session includes:


  • Design Studio Power Walk Through:  Maximize Your Design Studio’s potential
      • Review and improve what you are selling in your store (product offerings)
      • Review and improve product presentation (poor presentation leads to low option sales, and buyer indecision, confusion and frustration)
      • Identify challenges and opportunities (we’ve created or visited well over 100 selections environments and can not only identify challenges but provide instant solutions)


  • Interdepartmental (management team) Process Improvement: evaluation and improvement session
      • Choose from 10 popular topics
      • Or create your own
      • We’ve seen it all and already know how to solve most of it!


  • Full-company presentation (2-4 hours to bring everyone together focused on your design studio’s success and your customer experience)
      • Understand and leverage personalization to sell more homes in today’s market
      • Create a customer-centric experience
      • Consistently use proper terminology
      • Or add custom topics


  • Sales and Design Team combined training (builds interdepartmental synergy; creates consistent customer focus)
      • Effective expectation setting to ensure buyer success
      • Sales to design handoffs for a customer-centric experience
      • Sell more homes by leveraging your design studio as a sales tool
      • Overcoming common challenges


  • Design Team training (laser-focused just for Design Team professionals)
      • Build value to justify prices
      • Techniques to sell more options
      • Overcome common objections
      • Develop required skills


Isn’t it time to Power Up and get your company ready to reap maximum benefits and rewards from your design studio environment and operations?


Jane’s trademark high-energy and motivational leadership style combine with a wealth of knowledge of design studio operations to make this unique program a sure win for your design studio, your whole company, and your buyers!


One-day programs possibly available as well, schedule permitting.



Email us to discuss how to further explore how we can best help you to Power Up!

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