Prepare to be Inspired

Prepare To Be Inspired. We believe this magnificent design studio fulfills its bold promise. The view from the front door is strategically designed to inspire creative juices and stimulate desire for a brand new home. Visitors are encouraged to explore the four style galleries and learn how to create a look that will let their personality shine. The indisputable stylistic presence of this brand new design studio is helping the builder redefine their image

Fresh & Inspired

Make sure your design studio looks current, on trend, and up to date like this one. If your studio space looks old and tired, your buyers won’t be motivated to dig deep and dream big.

Move Your Buyers Up

Every studio should have a look and feel that supports and delivers on the Builder’s brand while deploying best practices. Buyers here can’t help but get drawn into the space excited to explore and interact with everything.

Show Off!

Bistros and hospitality areas, when well executed and properly situated, are a great return on investment of floor space and allow for successful studio events.

Inspiration Lounge

Innovative vignettes surround the Inspiration Lounge where buyers and prospective buyers can explore various styles to select the look for their dream home. The company President said “the result exceeded our expectations.

National Gold Winner

Yet another National Gold Award Winner for Best Design Center. Clean white backgrounds allow products to take center stage and provide a calm,clean,fresh arena for buyers to successfully create their dream homes.When this builder re-oriented their brand to focus on personalization, their new design studio had to be tangible proof that they really meant it. Option sales have significantly increased,beyond any projections although this studio is less than half the size of the previous one

Dream Kitchens

If your design studio kitchen vignettes don’t resemble those in the homes you sell, you and your buyers have missed many opportunities offered by a smart and strategic design studio.

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Over 100 Unique Design Studios for Home Builders

We have now created about 120 unique Homebuilder Design Studios across the country.

Our unparalleled experience as the National Design Studio Experts helps our clients sell more home, maximize per-home revenue, increase customer satisfaction and improve internal operations.

We are also the proud winner of 19 National Awards from NAHB for Best Builder Design Center in the Country!

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With experience creating about 120 beautiful and effective home builder design studios, Success Strategies will help you create the ultimate state-of-the-art design studio and provide top return on investment by increasing home sales and option sales, improving customer satisfaction, and streamlining your option sales experience.



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Jane Meagher

Jane Meagher


Jane Meagher, President of Success Strategies, is a TRUE national Design Studio Expert and Home Builder Marketing Expert! Jane is proud to share her passion for the residential housing industry and to educate and coach many thousands of new home professionals around the country. Jane’s unparalleled credentials and years of wide-ranging expertise make her uniquely positioned to bring you an indepth mastery of the design studio world. Success Strategies has worked with builders in 40 states and over 100 housing markets across the country and throughout Canada.

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